Red Chain 14% Developer Pellet

Red Chain 14% Developer Pellet can be fed to all ruminants. It is designed to be a grower ration where a low grain / high fiber diet is desired.

Designed to develop growth and frame but not too much finish. Designed for mid weight animals. Medicated with decoquinate to prevent coccidiosis and ammonium chloride to prevent urinary calculi. Also, includes added vitamins A, D, E, as well as added calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium.


Guaranteed Analysis

Form - 3/16” pellet
Medication - Decoquinate & Ammonium Chloride

Protein - 14%
Fat - 3%
Fiber - 22%



For calves, sheep or goats on pasture, feed 1 ½ to 3% body weight/head/day. Provide plenty of good quality forage and fresh clean water at all times.

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