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Lawn SeedOdiorne Feed & Ranch Supply offers several lawn seed options. These include Bermuda Grass, turf-type Fescue, and Buffalo Grass.

Bermuda grass is a warm-season turfgrass and is best planted in spring to late spring or early summer. Plant Bermuda grass seeds when soil temperatures are consistently above 65° F (18°C) — this soil temperature is reached when daytime air temperatures are 80°or higher. The optimum soil temperature for germination and root growth of Bermudagrass is 75° to 80°F (24° to 27° C) – Higher temps are acceptable provided moisture is maintained. Source:

Turftype tall fescue is becoming a popular turfgrass for homes and industrial sites. Turf-types are more coarse than bluegrass, though not as thick as traditional tall fescue commonly used as pasture grasses. The fescue is a bunch type grass, as opposed to the rhizomatic growth of bluegrass.

Tall fescue is more drought-resistant than many other lawn grasses such as bluegrass or perennial ryegrass because roots penetrate deeper into the soil.

Tall fescues are also more disease resistant and wear tolerant, making them ideal for heavy foot traffic areas and athletic fields. Like bluegrass, they are considered a cool-season grass, remaining green for eight to nine months out of the year.

Tall fescues must remain dense to keep blades thin. Proper mowing and fertilizing practices help keep blades thin; overseeding every other year may be necessary to improve the stand.

Identifying tips for fescue includes a coarse-textured medium to dark-green grass. Leaves are rolled in the bud. It has short, rounded auricles, a short membranous ligule, and an extensive root system. Because tall fescue has a bunch-type growth habit rather than a creeping-type, open areas may develop and need to be reseeded. Source: American-Lawns

Buffalograss is found throughout the Great Plains from Mexico to Montana. In Texas, buffalograss is commonly found from the south-central region westward to El Paso and north to the High Plains and Rolling Plains. It favors the heavy clay soils in moderate to low rainfall areas.



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