Wild Hog Supplies

Shop for wild hog supplies including attractants, lights, and traps at Odiorne Feed & Ranch Supply in Johnson City, Texas.

You’ll find wild hog attractants from Evolved Habitats including Pig Out Bait, Hog Wild Attractant, and premium feed-grade molasses.

Find lights for your hog traps. We offer a selection from All Seasons Feeders.

Looking for traps? Come see our selection of traps from Outback Wildlife Feeders.

Feral hogs are unprotected, exotic, non-game animals. Therefore, they may be taken by any means or methods at any time of year. There are no seasons or bag limits, however, a hunting license and landowner permission are required to hunt them.

Feral hogs may appear basically the same as domestic hogs and will vary in color and coat pattern. A mature feral hog may reach a shoulder height of 36 inches and weigh from 100 to over 400 pounds.

Feral hogs are distributed throughout much of Texas, generally inhabiting the white-tailed deer range, with the highest population densities occurring in East, South, and Central Texas.


Evolved Habitats Wildlife Molasses
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Evolved Habitats Hog Wild Attractant
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Evolved Habitats Pig Out Wild Beast Bait
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