Food Plots

Odiorne Feed & Ranch Supply has a variety of seeds for food plots, which can be planted as a supplementary food source for wildlife, such as deer. Food plots can increase the wildlife in an area, enhancing opportunities for wildlife viewing or hunting. As you select seed for a food plot be sure to plan effectively:

Determine the area to be used for the food plot – optimally away from public roads or high-noise areas

Decide what to plant – there are mixes we can recommend for every season

Prepare the site for planting – a soil test is always a good idea. Bring your soil test results to Odiorne Feed & Supply and we can recommend the right fertilizer to maximize your efforts

Plant your seedbed based on the instructions for the type of seed you select.

At Odiorne Feed & Ranch Supply you’ll find:

Fall Seeds:

  • Turnip Seed
  • Clover Seed
  • Seed Oats
  • Seed Wheat
  • Australian Winter Peas
  • Rye Grass
  • Fall Wildlife Mix
  • Spring Wildlife Mix

Spring Seeds: 

  • Iron & Clay Peas
  • Brown Top Millet
  • Seed Milo
  • Wild Game Sorghum
  • Peredovik Sunflower
  • Red Ripper Peas

October is a great month to plant your fall food plot. We offer a variety of seeds including oats, wheat, Austrian winter peas, clover, turnips, & Elbon rye. Check out our packaged fall wildlife blend. Recommended seeding rate is 100 lbs/acre for oats, wheat, and Austrian winter peas; smaller seeds, like clover and turnips approximately 50 lbs/acre. Let us help you make a plan for fall food plot!


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