All Seasons 300lb Galvanized Protein Feeder

All Seasons 300lb Galvanized Protein FeederAll Seasons 300lb Galvanized Protein Feeder: This protein feeder is great for a small operation or introducing protein into your feeding program. The 300lb capacity hopper is our patented design which allows protein to funnel into the galvanized 4 way protein head. The protein head  is built to be varmint and weather resistant. With adjustable baffles, this feeder allows you to regulate the flow of feed into the head.
Hand made in Texas!

  • Baffles in Protein head allow for feed flow regulation
  • sight glass for easy view of feed level
  • Galvanized contraction to prevent corrosion
  • Comes with (4) 5’2 legs and drive pins for anchoring
  • Please note, if you have hog problems, it is always best to fence your protein feeders, especially when using this small capacity option

300lb capacity

*Feeder capacity is determined by corn weight due to the various size and weight of protein. Because of this variation the feeder may hold up to 18.5% less than the advertised capacity.

Height: 37 inches (hopper height)

Width: 27 inches

Length: 27 inches

Weight: 65lbs

Legs:  5ft 2inches long 1/16″ thick


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