Switching to Spring Pasture Seeds

pasture seed Now that winter is almost over, it’s time to start thinking about switching out your pasture seeds. You’ve already done the hard work of prepping and planting — now you can reap the rewards with some new grass varieties! Wilman Love Grass, Klein, Sideoats Grama, and Sudan are all good options for springtime, as they’re all adapted to thrive in harsher climates. Each type of grass has its own unique benefits, from drought tolerance and disease resistance to low maintenance needs.

Kleingrass. Grown for pasture or hay in Texas. No particular insect or disease problems; thin stands become weedy. An estimated 5,000 to 15,000 acres are seeded annually. May cause photosensitivity in sheep. Source: Texas A&M AgriLife Extension

Lovegrasses. Bunchgrass includes Weeping, Lehmann, Wilman, and Sand. Excellent quality forage. Performs well on marginal fertility. We offer Wilman Lovegrasses, which in our opinion, is the very best of the Lovegrasses.

With the right combination of grasses for your climate and growing conditions, you can have a pasture that provides beautiful, lush ground cover all year round.


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