Huge March Sale

huge march saleHuge March sale alert! Odiorne Feed & Ranch is offering $4.00 off per bag of Victor Dog Food while supplies last.

Victor Dog Food is made here in Texas. We offer six different formulas made by Victor:

  • Classic
  • Hi Pro Plus Classic
  • Senior Healthy Weight
  • Classic Multi-Pro
  • Select Grain Free Beef Meal and Brown Rice
  • Performance Formula

Each dog formula is made with their own VPRO Blend of ingredients – an exclusive mix to promote superior digestibility and immune system function. This proprietary blend offers benefits to every dog, regardless of activity level, age, breed or size.

Every VICTOR formula is rooted in nutrition and each ingredient used is carefully selected and serves a nutritional purpose.

A majority of these ingredients come from ranches, farms and other trusted suppliers who are within a day’s drive of our East Texas plant.

Check out our Pet Food selection and more information on Victor Dog Food.

Enjoy our huge march sale, we love our customers!


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