Get Up to 20 Free Bags of Horse Feed with Purina’s Trial Offer

Purina Horse Feed TrialAre you a horse owner looking for a new feed for your horses? Do you want to try a high-quality feed without having to commit to buying it? Look no further! Purina Animal Nutrition has an incredible offer that allows you to get up to 20 bags of horse feed for free. Read on for details about this offer and how you can take advantage of it.

Purina’s trial offer is designed for customers who are new prospects (have not fed Purina horse feeds in the last 6 months) and want to give their horses the best possible nutrition without breaking the bank. The trial requires that you conduct it with a Purina salesperson, agree to a minimum 60-day/maximum 90-day feeding trial on at least 5 horses, and remain on the same feed throughout the trial. You can choose from any of the listed Purina feeds below, and you will be able to get up to 20 free bags of feed per trial.

This program offers many benefits for horse owners looking to provide their animals with high-quality nutrition. Moreover, it gives horse owners an opportunity to find the right type of feed that works best for their animals in terms of nutrition and performance needs. Finally, by participating in this program you will have access to expert advice from Purina’s sales staff & Odirone Feed who can help guide you through the process and ensure that your horses receive the best possible nutrition.

If you’re looking for new feed options for your horses in the Johnson City, Texas area, and want to try some out before committing fully, then don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity offered by Purina & Odiorne Feed & Ranch Supply. With up to 20 free bags per trial, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of this offer and find the perfect type of feed that works best for your horses! Sign up below to get started!

Feed include:

Equine Adult® Horse Feed, Equine Junior® Horse Feed, Equine Senior® Horse Feed, Equine Senior® Active Horse Feed, Miniature Horse and Pony Horse Feed, IMPACT® Professional Mare & Foal Horse Feed, IMPACT® Professional Performance Horse Feed, IMPACT® Professional Senior Horse Feed, Ready® Race Horse Formula, Race Ready® GT Formula, Wellsolve® L/S Horse Feed, Wellsolve® W/C Horse Feed, Omolene® 100 Active Pleasure Horse Feed, Omolene® 200 Performance (RT), Omolene® 200 Performance Horse Feed, Omolene® 300 Mare & Foal Horse Feed, Omolene® 400 Complete Advantage Horse Feed, Omolene® 400 RT, Omolene® 500 Competition Horse Feed, Strategy® Healthy Edge Horse Feed, Strategy® Professional Formula GX Horse Feed, Ultium® Competition Horse Formula, Ultium® Gastric Care Formula, and Ultium ®Growth Horse Formula.

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