Odiorne Feed & Ranch Supply offers a variety of bag fertilizer and soil amendments for growing beautiful lawns, gardens and food plots. Fertilizer applied to the lawn encourages thicker turf growth and a greener lawn. Fertilizer should be applied in the spring and fall.

You do need to apply nitrogen (the first number in fertilizer) a couple of times each year. Nitrogen and water are two of the three elements that make the grass grow (the third being sunlight). Too little of both and the lawn looks depressed; too much of either can wash off along with your money.

Fertilizer bags list three numbers (such as 16-4-8). Those numbers – the fertilizer analysis – show the percentage by weight of nitrogen, phosphorus (expressed as available phosphoric acid, or P205) and potassium (expressed as soluble potash, or K20) in the fertilizer.

If you have a soil test, bring your results to Odiorne Feed and Ranch Supply and our team can help you determine the best “recipe” to fertilize your lawn, using the online calculator provided by Texas A & M. Soil testing is a critical operation to the success of your yard and crops. Soil testing depends on how many crops you plant in a year. If you plant spring and fall crops, testing should be done every two years. A spring, fall, and winter planting should test yearly. Bring in your soil test and Odiorne Feed & Ranch Supply will use your test results to formulate and advise the best fertilizer blend for your crop or lawn.

Odiorne Feed & Ranch Supply offers several bag fertilizer options. Choose from a selection of 21-0-0, 13-13-13, 18-10-5, and Premium 21-7-14 Slow Release. We also carry organic fertilizers.


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