Fall Maintenance for Healthy Winter Horses

Fall Maintenance for Healthy Winter Horses: A horse wearing a winter blanket stands in a fieldFall Maintenance for Healthy Winter Horses:

With icy weather only a few months away, now’s the time for horse owners in many parts of the world to perform seasonal maintenance around the farm to ensure their horses remain healthy and snug throughout the colder months.

For example, here are some steps to take around the barn:

  • Stock up on quality hay and store it in a dry place
  • Drain or winterize outdoor hoses and waterlines
  • Installed and check water tank heaters
  • Fences and gates should be repaired, and high-traffic areas might need to be rebuilt or topped off to help manage mud in the coming months
  • Move all medications, chemicals, and other liquids to a frost-proof area
  • Give all barn areas a thorough cleaning
  • Check over winter blankets and make any needed repairs or replacements
  • Clean and store any sheets, flymasks, or tack that won’t be used
  • Have your horse trailer serviced and park it out of the way

In conclusion, Odiorne Feed & Ranch Supply has a wonderful selection of equine feeds, supplements and supplies to keep them at their best, no matter the season.

Lastly, we carry quality hay year-round.

Article Source: Fall Maintenance for Healthy Winter Horses from Kentucky Equine Research


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